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At Western Land & Water Consulting we are committed to delivering specialist water resource & agricultural project management focusing on our own backyard, Western Australia.

Our aim is to work together to find sustainable solutions including but not limited to:  

  • hydrology studies
  • water resource assessment
  • feasibility case development
  • government approval processes 
  • irrigated agriculture 
  • urban water development
  • business planning and development



Water Resource Assessment

This specific service is designed to analyse, assess, and recommend solutions to water resource issues such as flood hydrology, urban water management, irrigation development and design, and mining water issues. 


Feasibility Studies

 We can develop conceptual, pre-feasibility, feasibility studies across land and water development proposals. This also includes advice on governmental approval channels, protocols & procedures. 


Business Planning

We can work with you on clarifying goals, developing and assessing options, and scoping implementation plans.  Business plans can be for an organisation, investment opportunity, or resource management plan. 

Recent projects


New Directions for Salinity Management

  Assisted GHD with delivering a report on a  New Direction for Salinity Management in Western Australia: A Consultative Review. The report recommended updating data on the extent and impacts of dryland salinity and targeting investment of public and private funds in four key areas: Information, Governance, Innovation and Investment. 


Ord Irrigation Cooperative

 Supported Naja Business Consulting Services to conduct a review of the processes and policy with regards water licence to the Ord Irrigation Cooperative. A summary report outlining the key issues related to irrigation management and development in the Ord Irrigation Area was produced. 


Workshops on Surface Water Management

 Prepared and delivered presentations on why manage surface water, management options, and planning, monitoring and maintenance as part of GRDC and South Coast NRM workshops on Managing Your On-Farm Water. Workshops were held at Esperance, Cranbrook, and Williams.


Review of the Relocation of the Broome South Wastewater Treatment Plant

  Supported Naja Business Consulting Services to conduct a review of the proposed relocation of the Broome South Wastewater Treatment Plant for the Shire of Broome.

Meet the team

Director | Dr John Ruprecht

Director | Dr John Ruprecht

Director | Dr John Ruprecht


John has over 25 years’ experience with water, agricultural and regional development partnering with agriculture, mining and urban development industries. Areas of expertise include water management, irrigation, land and water development, sustainable agriculture, urban water management, hydrologic research, and regional development. John has extensive leadership experience and adopts an engagement approach with stakeholders, industry, & staff to manage expectations & achieve agreed objectives. 

Analyst | Liz Vogelaar

Director | Dr John Ruprecht

Director | Dr John Ruprecht


Liz has over 5 years experience in project management, marketing, and data analysis.  She has a business mind with a talent for data to gain valuable insights into projects & business development. With a range of applicable technical skills, she has the ability to transform decision making processes within your business. 

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